Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Month of Moharram!

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The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Wilayat-e-Ali( a.s)!
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Son of Imam Ali( a.s) !

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Karbala,
The Month of Moharram,
          Is the voice of Shohda! (I.Hussain a.s)
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Martyrs!
 The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice to Shatter!

The Month of Moharram
Is the voice of Grief!
  The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Justice!

 The Month of Moharram,
  Is the voice of Mourners!
The Month of Moharram,
  Is the voice of Warriors! 

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Victory!
 The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Humanity !
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice that calls,
 To speak against wrong!

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice that calls,
To listen to the message for ALL!


Monday, 25 September 2017

Hussain a.s Inspires me...

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Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to have faith on 'Allah'
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to believe on 'Wajhullah'

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to praise the vastness of Almighty!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be greatful to  the Supreme!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to not bend down to any might!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to rise and speak for the right.! .

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to be firm of what i believe in!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to help those who are  in need!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to respect  every one!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to stand for the right one!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to be humble to others!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to spread love around us!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to spread peace around !
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to not let him down!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to fill my heart with piety!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to always show mercy!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be kind even to the unkind!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be of help to the mankind!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to walk on the path of bravery!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to fight back any slavery!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be by the side of the weak!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to bring out justice and speak!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to spread the deed of goodness!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to embrace the path of pureness!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be calm and patient!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to deal with every situation!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to not be rude and arrogant!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be polite and elegant!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to do 'shukr' for every blessing!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be a person who is forgiving!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know how family lives!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know what it gives!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know what friendship is!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know from Habib a.s and His!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
In every walk of Life!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
In carving my Life!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
At every moment,each day!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
"ShukrAllah for this"is all i can say!

At the shrine of Imam Hussain a.s -Karbala 2017
P.c:Aiman Sayed

P.S:The first Islamic month Moharrram echoes in detest the helplessness of Maula Hussain Ibne Ali(a.s) and his sacrifice in 680 A.D ie 61 Hijri.and today even after 1379 years later, the wounds of karbala  remains afresh.

Know Who is Imam Hussain a.s and about karbala.

Above is quoted the link of my previous post where detailed description is given.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

About a Girl

She is a pearl of my ocean,
Where nurtures umpteenth emotion.

She is the little mayflower i know,
A blessing in disguise i call it though!

She is the solitude of my valley,
Within her lies my untold story!

She is my echo on a cliff,
I hear her before i begin to speak!

She is my friend so loving ,
Who makes my world worth living!

So who is She,Let me tell you,
Her name is sabika ,dear I Love you!

Her care to define is beyond my words
She has stood by me like a surd!

Her love is so pure that i wonder,
How do i give back to her!

Her honest opinion makes me melt,
How true it is i have felt!

Her genuine concern when i am low,
And to deal with it,only she knows!


The jokes,the talks,the tears and the fight,
All we have shared in years is at sight!

You have surprised me at many instances,
By reading me ,knowing my silence!

I have a deep respect for you!
Be the person you are"I love You"

On your birth day ,i want to say,
Nobody knows me like you do,My Bae!

P.S:To the girl who is not only my sister but a friend who stands by the word friendship!
May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Window Seat

The juggling journey of life,makes us run through the chaos to fetch a place in midst of the race where every person is heading its life for that one window seat!
The medium of vehicle may be any,but the luxury of window stands alone!

What makes me love the window seat most...
By its side,i elope in my little world that embraces my thoughts like a mother lifting its child.I feel i am sitting by a marine shore and the waves with the soothing breeze are caressing my mind comforting it to pull out of the chaos running across it all the while.
I smile to the solitude and speak to the silence residing in the freshness of the moving trance.I watch out in space to run away from the dubious noise rising on the other side of the world.
The running objects left behind call me out to say let it go!And i loosen myself to surrender my chaos to the thrilled beauty where nothing stops!

The special note of the tranquility felt within is beyond description to the joy this window holds.It makes my journey a distance of blink and i travel miles across the land of my thoughts.I carve my comfort and priorities,i see the happy daffodils waving at me and the rising branches touching the sky calling me out to feel what zenith is!

For some moment,it gives me a life to rejoice in,it takes me away from the hustle and bustle around,it draws my smile to the unseen obvious thoughts i wander aimlessly in and  feel like a kid running around in joy knowing not the reason but the moment.

The fresh breeze with the moving trance carrying my thoughts to elope in a sacred world of silence for a moment in the journey rejuvenates my soul and on getting down to my destination i am geared to struggle back in the channel of race with the others until i head for another seat on some other day!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A short film made by group of young enthusiasts,which has even got selected by the government of India in its short film festival!
What impressed me the most was the 'SOCH' of these youngsters!

About this film,

It starts with an impactful music reflecting the diversity of the cultures in the society.Surely different people will have different views and opinion but there is one thing common 'Humans and humanity' which needs to be ignited.
A curious start to know whats running in the mind of a passionate youngster.
We have many like her living with an independent mind but the cultural attitude of mocking down and 'chalta hai' and 'why so serious ' is either carrying them away or leaving them on a cliff,but these are the ones who will make a difference!

Very well narrated description of the content and the way of utilizing this idea as a medium of drawing an important thought to the viewers!-Watch it to know what i mean to say!

Location and the sequencing:Choosing a routine and simple location gives a natural direction ,highlighting the fact that this is what happens around us when someone pops up a thought on social cause!There are people who hold the desire to bring the change and there are few who are the change.the exiting words of karishma is sure to carve a change in the thought and the attitude giving a push in the right direction.(Cant comment on how many take it with them )

Dialogues and the delivery:Words chosen were perfect but an argument needs a continuity and the camera focus should not be changing ,leaving an impression to the viewer to predict who shall be speaking next and the pause showing the learned script {in the argument part}
This can be improvised. :)

Digital:Good sequencing of the scenes with a strong message in the end.

P.S:They are the building blocks of India's future.Their every effort in making of the film is highly appreciated.You guys did a great job.
A lot of thoughts that are penned down across too many blogs has been perfectly summed up by you all in this film.

Best Wishes.May you all make many more and be the change always.

My Take on this..

I repeatedly quote in my posts "Are you silent because its not your story"
Today if we look at human rights violation,i would start up saying 'its slaughtered' by our very own people who sit on the throne of altruism.The sensitivity of human suffering is one sided to see what is shown ,to know what is known,and to speak what is spoken!
How many of us go beyond our comfort to find all sides of the matter and get back to comment on its ethical aspect,irrespective of being the single one standing against the crowd.
You do not have the right to give a blinded opinion if you have not put a single effort to know where the truth is kept hidden or dumped under the thrash of political and religious policies.
How many of us have an independent thinking to condemn any wrong,irrespective of with whom and where it is coming from!
The ignorant ones are trapped in the one sided blame game ,rest are busy to lead their way as it has nothing to do with their day,but there are people like Karishma (pls watch this short film to understand the character referred) who stop by and give it a thought.
Not one but millions of issue reside in our society and the reason is our silence!

Silence to the first raised voice from the next door, Silence to the first joke made on a homosexual,
Silence to the first cutting chai served by a minor,Silence to the first bad eye of the office holder,
Silence to the first hand raised for putting in black money,Silence to the first corrupt Slavery!
Silence to the baba's and mullahs,Silence to the ignorant s gagas!
Silence to the first political  riot hitting,Silence to the first mob lynching!
Silence to eighty four,Silence to ninety two
Silence to two thousand two,Silence that only blooms!

Get up and think independently to speak wisely,give an opinion after you rationalize.

Don't wait to be a victim on the slate,
Speak before its too late!


Seen Unseen!

 I walk across a mystique land,
caught on a trance of a wand
   Away from heart to travel in mind,
   to my surprise i find another kind,
   I lead myself to move on its way,
to carve a memory in a bay!
Boom,and i open to another way,
 Have i have witnessed this kind of day?
to my surprise,speaks my instinct,
this very moment is re-living!

And the next moment i crank to guess,
This will happen!Deja vu,nevertheless!

Have you ever experienced deja vu? Visited a place and felt that you have been there before? Or a person who looked familiar in the first meeting? What happened next? Share the story.

This post is written for IndiSpire 187th edition!


Monday, 18 September 2017

The War Inside!

In the chaos of the worldly affairs and its conflicts,there is a little world that grows within us ,the world that nurtures on the time spent with the closed ones,it thrives on our priorities and above all it is built on our dreams.!
The world inside lives to prove to the outside one that it is capable of moving mountains together.
But what holds you back in turning the wind.
I always think to myself how do people get on to top,money cant buy you everything and there is no replacement for hard work.Each of us have twenty four hours in hand ,some carve their passion to take it ahead while some rest their head on the pillow dreaming of their dreams.But how do they push their passion to the zenith.What is in them that moves them so far?What fuels their energy to ignite the spark that fires them to work and acheive.
Why is it not in me,not in us?Why  procrastination sets its way and takes us away from ours.Why is our mind constantly wired in  ideas but doesn't execute.Why do we wait for opportunity but incapable of creating one?
Above all,when is the right time to start?
The war inside kills the energy to go out and fetch our dream.
When life places bitter experiences,we either build ourselves or we drown.When there is a black sea and no light of shore,why do we shut our self to find our dreams dying of not breathing.Like we breathe our dreams too,and their oxygen is our motivation.But each day a number of passion is slaughtered and dreams die,because their oxygen is waived off,the supply isn't constant.The channelization of energy gets loose to loosen ourselves and we set our life in a routine and gradually time waits for none and the cycle of thoughts continues.
I don't know how people get there,and after reaching to their desired position,do they get a contented sleep.I don't know how their engine keeps running and what fuels it to run so far.But one thing i am very certain of is that they win the war inside everyday.
The war against procrastination.comfort and priorities.They choose a path so odd that not every one must be willing to travel on.
They are the ones who lead by an example and grow everyday.
I hope someday i reach near them,and win the war running within.I will fight,what about you?


The Month of Moharram!

P.C:Google Images The Month of Moharram, Is the voice of Wilayat-e-Ali( a.s)! The Month of Moharram, Is the voice of Son of I...