Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Thirst

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The thirst that chases the luxuries of world,
Looses its meaning to fetch the furl.
The thirst that starves to live a worthy life,
Breathes the freshness of the might,

The thirst that greed's to be an exploit,
Falls down beneath its plight.
The Thirst that rises to stand as help,
Carves a journey of another self.

The thirst that dreams of haughty power,
Walks away from the right hour.
The thirst that wakes up to be known,
By its patience and hard work is grown.

The thirst that runs behind money,
Never halts on the journey to be happy.
The thirst that walks with the  family,
Is loved by the little or more money.

The thirst that is build to win by wrong,
Is the one that is blinded of all.
The thirst that thrives to conquer world,
Drives in self to know much more.

The thirst that dwells and lives in us,
Makes our life and defines us!
Before you walk to quench the thirst,
Know where you are heading first!

 P.S: Thirst is not just water gulping down the throat but is a mirror of a lot of aspects.Water quenches the biological thirst but human thirst is quenched on different path that people choose without giving a thought if its filled with toxicity or purified from it.Greed,Power,Lust,Position can make an individual go on an extreme journey which once walked traps the person in war of self but on the other hand the other side of thirst lives and makes life worth living.It is very important to define our thirst and quench it before it rejuvenates another for that makes us grow in a positive way.


Occupational therapy..A bliss!

What do you do?Most common question we all come across,and we revert back saying I am.(Field of work) or I am attached to this organization as a ...And there is a range of work where we all fall in and place ourselves at a position while introducing ourselves.
But when i am questioned the same,i hold myself back saying i add life to years,Oh so are you a doctor?comes next..Well,yes i am the one who doesn't prescribe medicines but a dose of optimal and healthy living through my expertise of various techniques of intervention focusing on your functional gains.
Your Occupation is my area of work,and occupation refers to not just you being an employee but every role that you play and the work you are expected to perform in it.
Yes i am an occupational therapist who looks only at the abilities and carves out the best from you to make you independent and add quality to your life!
There is no room to loose hope ,if you are not functionally independent like before the advent of your illness,consult an Otist because he is all equipped with the solutions and will train you to stand by yourself and get back to life!
Areas of services range from pediatric to geriatrics,the child is not able to walk,lacking behind in school,not social,has learning disorder,is diagnosed with autism,Adhd,developmentally inappropriate to age or anything else-Knock on the door of Occupational therapist,we are here to help.
Seventy years granny is suffering from dementia,is at high risk of fall,is struggling to carry out her routine tasks,is diagnosed with any illness or has social disengagement-Come back to an Occupational therapist who are all available to help!
A kid hops around the house,breaking the glass not listening to anyone ,not completing is work or stays quiet,prefers to be away from social gathering,gets irritable,repeats words,or any such activity which seems to be away from the regular patterns of development,do not overlook,you have a professional to guide you.
Stroke or an head injury,Burns or a fracture,each condition that takes away your routine can be revived back by an occupational therapist.
Its a novel service that we Indians do not look at because our family culture is so loving that we keep a domestic help,do it by our self not knowing we are deteriorating patients condition and is proved by medical science research on the consequences of creating such kind of dependence and inactivity.Second scenario is such that patient and his family is unaware that after left side paralysis there is something that can be done,Be it the therapy or modifying the environment and the utilities or the the regular use objects in such a way that patient can be accommodated to function independently.
If you are aware of this service be of help to someone who needs it and you know, by simply putting in their ears and each of us can carve a path of independence.If the society strengthens its view on differently abled ,these people will make another army of strength because what they hold,you and i are no where near to them or their willpower.

Passed on...

 Life is truly unpredictable and i have witnessed this by loosing a lot of closed ones in an uncertain way that the previous moment i have a conversation and the next one the person leaves for an abode!But the irony of nature is such we only think of future,we save for future, we plan for future when the present moment is in hand we are analyzing the next uncertain one.Today i am here,tomorrow i may not be and in this loop my dear future gets all the attention and the present is waiting for its turn.So that gives us a lesson to not put any unsaid feelings on the shoulder of next moment  because the unresolved fight or an unsaid gratitude can die in smoke or bury down the ground at any time.This is one aspect where humans cannot achieve a control for Almighty is our creator and has arranged a plan and is best of planners(Quran 8:30).
When an atheist raises a doubt,i give back in simple words,In this world of lies and deceit there is an unusual power that keeps everything in order and that power is the Almighty who is worshiped in different forms and has different names but is ONE.

Well,4th Oct 2017,another un-forgetful date of my life when i lost someone very close to my heart.She was a lady who lived a life of dedication towards her responsibilities,the azadari ( religious rituals),and the house.
My nani was a soft spoken person who spent her life eloping in the sheet of simplicity.My attachment to my grand parents especially my grand mothers( nani and dadi) has been an altogether different relation and them leaving the world created a vacuum in my life.A sense of emptiness that i feel within myself as if longing to hear that voice and any person who has lost a loved one can definitely relate to this.The crispy crossed lines carving a wrinkle on their face spoke volumes about all that life made them feel.Their depth and their prominence was filled with many experiences and umpteenth stories which i enjoyed listening to.They taught me a lot of values i carry everyday with me.Their love and all the corrections was a mirror of their selflessness and their pure heart.What i felt with them is something i cannot sum up together but it gives me immense grief to the fact that i lost my grandparents who were an example to the society and were most loved and respected and i am blessed to be born from their generation.

That 3 am call that i received to know my nani has got serious and the days restlessness spent in prayers is always going to live in my heart.All i begged to Almighty was 6 more months for Death is inevitable(Kullo Nafsin Zaiykatul Maut) and we had planned her stay with us for a few months and her tickets were ready but God had a different plan.When i told one of my friend my nani passed off,the reply i got was 'No,She is passed on'...and that gave me the patience.She was indeed invited to be passed on to a better world.Her desire to visit the holy land of karbala must have been fulfilled but a glitch of not being able to take her myself will always stay.Where ever she is ,I am sure must be in peace.

To conclude,i believe in living the present moment and prioritizing the quality time with loved ones because life is mystery.You never know how good is you skills yet you miss the yorker it throws.
Be patient for those who have been passed on and spend time with those who are around.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Month of Moharram!

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The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Wilayat-e-Ali( a.s)!
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Son of Imam Ali( a.s) !

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Karbala,
The Month of Moharram,
          Is the voice of Shohda! (I.Hussain a.s)
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Martyrs!
 The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice to Shatter!

The Month of Moharram
Is the voice of Grief!
  The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Justice!

 The Month of Moharram,
  Is the voice of Mourners!
The Month of Moharram,
  Is the voice of Warriors! 

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Victory!
 The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice of Humanity !
The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice that calls,
 To speak against wrong!

The Month of Moharram,
Is the voice that calls,
To listen to the message for ALL!


Monday, 25 September 2017

Hussain a.s Inspires me...

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Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to have faith on 'Allah'
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to believe on 'Wajhullah'

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to praise the vastness of Almighty!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be greatful to  the Supreme!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to not bend down to any might!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to rise and speak for the right.! .

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to be firm of what i believe in!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to help those who are  in need!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to respect  every one!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to stand for the right one!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to be humble to others!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to spread love around us!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to spread peace around !
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me...
to not let him down!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to fill my heart with piety!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to always show mercy!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be kind even to the unkind!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be of help to the mankind!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to walk on the path of bravery!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to fight back any slavery!

Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to be by the side of the weak!
Hussain (a.s ).inspires me...
to bring out justice and speak!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to spread the deed of goodness!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to embrace the path of pureness!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be calm and patient!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to deal with every situation!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to not be rude and arrogant!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be polite and elegant!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to do 'shukr' for every blessing!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to be a person who is forgiving!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know how family lives!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know what it gives!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know what friendship is!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
to know from Habib a.s and His!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
In every walk of Life!
Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
In carving my Life!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
At every moment,each day!

Hussain (a.s ). inspires me..
"ShukrAllah for this"is all i can say!

At the shrine of Imam Hussain a.s -Karbala 2017
P.c:Aiman Sayed

P.S:The first Islamic month Moharrram echoes in detest the helplessness of Maula Hussain Ibne Ali(a.s) and his sacrifice in 680 A.D ie 61 Hijri.and today even after 1379 years later, the wounds of karbala  remains afresh.

Know Who is Imam Hussain a.s and about karbala.

Above is quoted the link of my previous post where detailed description is given.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

About a Girl

She is a pearl of my ocean,
Where nurtures umpteenth emotion.

She is the little mayflower i know,
A blessing in disguise i call it though!

She is the solitude of my valley,
Within her lies my untold story!

She is my echo on a cliff,
I hear her before i begin to speak!

She is my friend so loving ,
Who makes my world worth living!

So who is She,Let me tell you,
Her name is sabika ,dear I Love you!

Her care to define is beyond my words
She has stood by me like a surd!

Her love is so pure that i wonder,
How do i give back to her!

Her honest opinion makes me melt,
How true it is i have felt!

Her genuine concern when i am low,
And to deal with it,only she knows!


The jokes,the talks,the tears and the fight,
All we have shared in years is at sight!

You have surprised me at many instances,
By reading me ,knowing my silence!

I have a deep respect for you!
Be the person you are"I love You"

On your birth day ,i want to say,
Nobody knows me like you do,My Bae!

P.S:To the girl who is not only my sister but a friend who stands by the word friendship!
May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Window Seat

The juggling journey of life,makes us run through the chaos to fetch a place in midst of the race where every person is heading its life for that one window seat!
The medium of vehicle may be any,but the luxury of window stands alone!

What makes me love the window seat most...
By its side,i elope in my little world that embraces my thoughts like a mother lifting its child.I feel i am sitting by a marine shore and the waves with the soothing breeze are caressing my mind comforting it to pull out of the chaos running across it all the while.
I smile to the solitude and speak to the silence residing in the freshness of the moving trance.I watch out in space to run away from the dubious noise rising on the other side of the world.
The running objects left behind call me out to say let it go!And i loosen myself to surrender my chaos to the thrilled beauty where nothing stops!

The special note of the tranquility felt within is beyond description to the joy this window holds.It makes my journey a distance of blink and i travel miles across the land of my thoughts.I carve my comfort and priorities,i see the happy daffodils waving at me and the rising branches touching the sky calling me out to feel what zenith is!

For some moment,it gives me a life to rejoice in,it takes me away from the hustle and bustle around,it draws my smile to the unseen obvious thoughts i wander aimlessly in and  feel like a kid running around in joy knowing not the reason but the moment.

The fresh breeze with the moving trance carrying my thoughts to elope in a sacred world of silence for a moment in the journey rejuvenates my soul and on getting down to my destination i am geared to struggle back in the channel of race with the others until i head for another seat on some other day!


The Thirst

P.C:Google Images The thirst that chases the luxuries of world, Looses its meaning to fetch the furl. The thirst that starv...