Friday, 11 May 2018

Fluttered and flew in the wind

She was a humble girl with philosophical rules and stringent attitude.However ,She knew the art of words was not her job and laid her back on a couch raising her dangling feet on the square glass table.
"Sahana!! "Come on..You can! ..echoed the room with voice of her sister ....
But the girl with wavy hair tied high up on the head ,set her deep ocean eyes on the plane of the window staring in space outside their house on the eight floor.
She fixed her gaze at the torment of happenings outside ,dead to the world she rested there, lifeless,until julie pulled her hand of the cheeks!
"what's wrong di..i need some time alone"!..choked voice of sahana echoed her soul
The girl living in her was full of energy,expressing her ideas to nobody but self.Life gave her an opportunity to exhibit it to the world.
However,the battle of choice v/s destiny was going on,and she closed her eyes to meditate and reason out.
She knew the road was long and rough,the smooth ride to the world was a storm within.She closed her eyes and thoughts kept flooding like waterfall hitting the rocks on a valley.Only she could sense the heaviness of each words that kept haunting her,in the meanwhile her sister was calling her out to nag over her self confidence,pushing her ahead.
But,The mysterious voice became louder until she could hear nothing except for her soul.
She cried out loud in silence and weeped with no tears"Who would know how heavy my mornings are and how fearful is the day!The calm sea is a havoc,i don't understand my fear,my restlessness and my guilt.I know but yet i am unaware,i feel i am tied to an unknown thing,i don't have a word to describe it too.
I don't feel anything and move around like a mechanical self,something is wrong...

NO! ....came a louder voice blocking her thoughts!

This time the voice was heavier,she looked up with a pale face ,indifferent to everyone around.
Her Father grabbed a seat ahead and continued..."No,you are not going to step back.You are my child and i know you and your strengths!You can!"
Sahana's soul screamed aloud,but again to be crashed,this time by a softer voice,coming from her sister.

Cheer up girl,i don't understand what costs you to smile:smirked the elder one and room became empty on a laughter note.
Sahana became numb and suppresed her thoughts ,pulled out the pen and signed on her new project.
She looked at the window and could hear out the voices calling her,gazed at the fan and freezed to sense the urge to reach it.
She trembled and said No,I am fine!She went to kitchen to fetch a knife and fruits,walked in to the room and locked herself.
And the anti depressants lying in the bin sensed the catastrophe in her life awaiting to ruin due to negligence.
In the dinning room,the father whispered to the elder one,she is just low and nervous,should be ok next morning...
Only fate knew if the morning would rise again for sahana.

P.S:A short story to reflect what torment can rise in a depressed mind if ignored.And the helpless battle they go through each day when family does not identify the need of medications and counselling.
Be vigilant to a be a mental health soldier,you can save lives and make it better.


Monday, 30 April 2018

The Might

P.C: Akshay Kuntewar
The Might, to reach the zenith of sky,
The Might,to fetch the line so high.

The Might,to elope in the ocean above,
The Might,to swim acros the globe.

The Might,to break the barriers of law,
The Might,to correct the odd old flaw.

The Might,to stand and gain the power,
The Might,to rise from will to empower.

The Might,to shine above the crowd,
The Might,to speak out and say aloud.

The Might,to fight back  from wrong,
The Might,to be firm against the throng!

The Might,to look within my self,
Comes from,
The Might,to reflect my inner strength!



Disclaimer:A wonderful write up and a meticulous observation by an excellent colleague of mine who is not only a very good professional but also a beautiful human being.
Have you ever observed a drop on the leaf of a plant?
If you have just SEEN it you would say that the drop lies on the leaf either till it dries off or falls off...
But if you have OBSERVED it..U would realise that in a still plant it falls off only when it grows heavy enough for the leaf to carry it..
And when you keep on observing..You gets some deeper meanings that life teaches you every moment..It's not something beyond imagination..It's just the matter of keeping your senses open to receive them..
One lesson I could get was something I would share...
The *drop* on the leaf may be considered to be the *student* and the *leaf* can be considered to be the *teacher or guru*..
The Student is delicate and reflective to the teacher's teachings.. Exactly like a clear drop of water
And The Teacher is gentle and Supportive exactly like the leaf..
So when the water is sprinkled on the plant it is like the students are destined to a teacher..That drop reaches the leaf which is destined to it..The leaf holds the drop and supports it until it either grows by joining with the surrounding droplets to become heavy enough to fall off and face the world or it stays there stagnant till it dries up..And the leaf keeps supporting it till it evaporates and faces the world again..The leaf seems to do it's duty any which ways.. Without discrimination and complaints...
Thus, no matter how the student is, the teacher is always there to help and support the student...
So we have to be *grateful* to our teachers who were destined to become the leaf in our life and make us the drop that we are today in this giant universe..
*Learn from nature every moment*..It always give us the best.
*-Reeti C. Puthran*
Occupational therapist, Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi.

The Untravelled Road

P.C:Ali Wasti
Loose yourself in the beauty of kind,
Walk with the breeze and unwind.

The tall green bushes all around,
Welcomes your shadow on the ground.

The silence of wind when crosses cheeks ,
Then eyes close for the soul to sink within.

The chirping birds and the ocean of sky,
Together they all let your inner soul fly.

The highness of life is felt in silence,
Which echoes in mind rings it in life.

The freshness of happiness is song of joy,
The melody of it is a rhyme you enjoy.

You must have travelled on zillion paths,
But not the road that feels the same path!

For once,
Be the guest of the beautiful Nature,
And ,
be amazed to know of your Nurturer!


Kitchen..Where Heart and soul meets!


Where the walls speak of hard work,
And the ceiling reflects the clock work!
It's the Place that dwells us all,
Not Of or
For ONE,
 But of All,
Its Kitchen ,to which we call,
Indifferent to big or small!

It strings the day and its earned meal,
Wiped with sweat and its feel!
It sees the tears and its half meal,
To save the pocket, half filled!
Where the heart beats for the stomach,
And eyes rests on the need's hammock,
Where the area of platform does not matter,
As every utensil dances to flatter!

When the sweat of love pours a drink,
Rejuvenates the soul with a blink!
Where the hands rise to mold care,
And the lesson begins to love and share!

Where the echo of hunger rises to live,
The giggles and laughter along with it,
Its the place that connects everyone,
The aroma of food is not for one!

Festive dinner or an evening delight,
The charm of it will always rise,
With the symphony of women's talk.
and children's roar and men's walk!

In happiness too shines this place,
to the melody of food and plate!
In sadness the vessels weep,
to the silence of it we can feel!

The stacked tiff-ins and morning platter,
So well they all silently smirk to chatter!
Be it fridge,sink or cooker's whistle,
Be it mysterious spill of milk over vessel!

This place is more than four walls,
It connects to emotions of our hearts!
This place understands our every need,
Resonates, when our heart and soul meets!

P.S :This is the story of every house.Kitchen is the most special place .Be it withered walls or aced with tiles.A high platform or a floor stove.This is the first place that sees us struggle and sacrifice and has heard our deepest conversation.
And certainly kitchen has food and every one needs food so kitchen belongs to all


Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Sprint to chase the road so hard,
Sprint to walk a mile so far..
Sprint to elope in to the rim,
Sprint to rise from within....
Sprint to crawl in the race,
Sprint to stand safe...
Sprint to make the ends meet,
Sprint to melt the hearts need...
Sprint to be known to the world,
Sprint to gain the worlds worth...
Sprint to wake up with contended sight,
Sprint to end the sleepless night...
Sprint to fetch the meal for the day,
Sprint to add luxuries to the plate...
Sprint to cover the destiny's fate,
Sprint to fight back the laid...
Sprint to be in the sprint,
And to live with a grin..

A sprint,
We all are running within,
In different sphere's of life's realm.


P.S:And each one of us is running to struggle less,or struggling to run ahead.Let's not leave behind our self in this race.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Gyaan Daan-Blogger's World!

Blogging is fun and writing is liberation,that's how i presumed but walking a step ahead in the world of blogging made me realize the chaos and hassle it involves when you know nothing of it.
Having a blog account and occasionally putting up posts to share with a few friends is the tip of an ice berg hidden down.I have been writing a blog since 2013 but the reflection of my blogging style speaks volumes that i have not reached the zone of bloggers in years down.So here's an effort to  trot on the path with the lead ones (hopefully)

Blogging in true sense involves dedicated time,good reading,marketing strategies of puling up readers,making your blog popular i.e getting in traffic,customizing it well and many more things.
Right from fashion to travel blogs,this word has another set of race.People do earn with it but nothing comes in on a platter.The channelization of time and content needs meticulous work to hit on the popularity list.
And my close observation of how people try to catch attention and hit the list is summarized below:

Diverse topics or single content blog:Tech/gadgets or Home or fashion you pick up a content that is appealing and interesting to you and update all resources there.I am sure you will find like minded readers.
I always had diverse topics but unstructured and i wrote it with the intent of self happiness until i realized i can do much more with the skill of writing.
When i read blogs with different topics or may be reviews , i realized what's missing in mine,the regularity of update and an organization of topics
So here i came up with my expertise blog that is OT WI-SH Occupational therapy ,With Inspiration Shines hope.Now the challenge is of being regular.

Interesting tittles/description:More commonly read topics on beauty blog would be like 5 Hacks to get rid of black heads in 5 days,certainly a person would open it if not read it all.Similarly certain tittles are so appealing that you are forced to add traffic to that blog eg :i was going through certain bloggers advises on increasing viewers when i came across this content as" Top picks to make money through your blog" and i was tempted to read though the content was not of sufficient help to me but certainly i helped the blogger .
So now this gyaan caught me to think before i put a content.

The blog layout/customization: Too complicated home page of the blog would repel the readers back as people these days have very low tolerance and patience to figure out.This is something i have personally experienced ,my interest gets disappointed with very cluttered contents and difficulty in finding or referring to appropriate topics and that's one reason i have maintained simplicity on my page so its easy to drive to the contents.
Blog Statistics: The display of blog statistics like followers or page views,the affiliations,prizes etc. does add cherry to the cake.And to the readers it's like a virtual recommendation of your contents.
All of this of course doesn't build up overnight but a dedicated effort is the key to it.

Bloggers Family: Social media these days has stood by it's strength of challenging the geologist and the astro's proving the world is small. Humans get along well in every situation and similarly the world of blogging has created families where people haven't met each other but know much more than the neighbor next door.
There are bloggers meet and seminars being organized to let people know blogging is a skill and the family of this world grows togeether
Unfortunately i have still not entered this home but have made neighborhood friends at least.

And to end Content and its organization holds supreme virtue to pull up your blog ahead.

Here's a list of popular blog communities for new bee's.
Blog Engage

My Best wishes to me and all the aspiring bloggers to bring out quality content to keep reading and writing.
However in this world of blogging do not loose your originality and skill while following some other.Moreover write to appeal yourself first before others.

More to come about growing in blogging in the next post!


Fluttered and flew in the wind

She was a humble girl with philosophical rules and stringent attitude.However ,She knew the art of words was not her job and laid her back ...