Friday, 23 March 2018

Another change

What i have learned today is we need to move on.Exactly a year back i was departing from a place i have grown up in for almost 9 years,my almamater and i very well remember i was standing there on the stage giving a farewell speech in tears and today the same juniors who had cried for us were in tears for the new beginning of an end to a journey. I happened to be there for a while ,walking across the road from my work place to my home ,my GS.And there were too many thoughts running in my head.After a long professional turmoil last year post results,i had got in at TMH, a wonderful institute with stories of inspiration all around,valuing life more each day by seeing a constant battle between cancer and hope.I had made my mind on continuing to work by sacrificing on pay as i was prioritizing my work and enjoying it.I had joined in with lots of hope,ideas and expectations however at many moments i was filled with a sense of inefficiency in executing what i really wanted to and capable of, however i found joy in being a therapist and making someone smile,stand or walk confidently.I developed a different bond with many patients who came with hope for rehabilitation to me and i knew what matters to them most.In the meanwhile when i had thought of leaving the profession and taking up something else or probably going in for full time literature is when a patient told me what good therapy can bring a difference and that's when my well wisher reminded me of my skills.At many moments i long to be a medical doctor as being a surgeon and handling life was my dream and i wished to see myself in the OT gown and wondered if i could reverse time and change certain decisions.Since a very long time i was in this tiff but soon life made me realize if all medicos will save lives who will add quality to it rather who will rehabilitate and add life to years.And so i thought to myself may be i was destined to be an Occupational therapist and now my challenge is to learn ,grow and give quality service and bring the change.And to my surprise life gives me a new change,the AIIPMR where i never thought i would get in so easily but alhamdolillah its brought back all hopes again of learning and growing.
                                                 Moving ahead ,leaving behind Tata is hard for me,a short time but had developed some amazing memories with colleagues,seniors and patients but that's life we need to move on!
Today being my last working day,i was happy and sad both of leaving behind a lot but gathering some beautiful moments to cherish always.I am very lucky to be a part of this place and will always relate to.


P.S: Naazia Ma'am,Vikas Sir,Aditya Sir,Anita,Amita,Nayana Madam,Manjusha ma'am, Rebecca ma'am, Shruti maa'am-the bond with you all i will always remember.
Good byes are hard but this was a mandatory post!

Saturday, 24 February 2018

" Of a different kind"

The spark of beauty strikes a chord,
and they fall  together,well is it love?

They hold their hands and begin to talk,
and the chirping birds with them walk!

When meets their eyes,dances wind,
and the silence around,blushes within!

When he pulls her close,she looks away,
and the breeze around,begins to sway!

When she rolls to laugh,he looks at her,
and the memories around,she remembers!

When she turns back in wrath of anger,
and the dark path,gets them together,

He takes her to the side of the shore,
and makes her listen ,to the gurgling roar...

Says to her,see the sound...
The dark night is beautiful around!

The melody of waves is singing for us,
Celebrating our beauty,love and trust!

Their tears meet looking for a sun shine,
And their white canes smile ,"Night is fine"!

The world is rainbow from the eyes of love,
Only if we know There is also "A Blind Love"

P.S:What inspired me to write this poem is the thought that the visible world is full of expectations but the beauty of love can be felt in the soul connect of individuals who have never seen the world around.
What makes them love each other unconditionally is something i ponder upon.The presence of each other and togetherness of life.
Love is more beautiful and successful if its freed from the boundaries of expectations and conditions.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

What keeps me away..

Although writing is my medium of liberation but the hustle to work ad earn takes me away from my most loved task of freeing my mind and painting it with rhymes.I don't know if i will ever be an author but i am sure my passion will definitely take me far off .I am an occupational therapist by profession and i have taken up a new blog OT WI-SH as my upcoming goal and i have been trying to work on it and reading a little more to know of the advancements and the content that i can put up there .But i realized it is taking me away from Inception and my bad time management skills keeps me more irregular on this blog.However since both the blogs are dear to me i am trying to work upon balancing job,home,reading and of course blogging.In this mess one thing is certain i have to improve on a lot of things of which most important is time.My past one week has been an era of deep introspection and some very intense and focused conversations with my most trusted pals.When i was on a note of changing my profession and taking up only literature or some management/administration,may be because of reasons i know and i cannot put them all but after deep thought i decided to continue with this struggle and a promise to self of being more responsible and organized henceforth so now on-wards hopefully i will be more active here and try to come up with interesting reads.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Faces in the crowd

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Each face has a world within. Walking amid the crowd I am intriguingly  looking at each face and trying to connect to their lives .I don't know if I will be able to but I am trying to string my thoughts on a single cord.Unlike West India is a land of colors even when it comes to the appearance. The beauty of different shades is marvelous .The complexion around in the people differs from bright to dark to light to less light and each face if you look at around you is like a masterpiece of a very experienced and meticulous architect.Right from the features to the appearance ,everything is so unique,an identity each individual carries like no one else and yet humans grumble over it .What if we all looked alike ,say it a Chinese all over the world . Well I don't intend to be racist as I adore both West and the Chinese side of beauty .Well coming back to where I started off,at times I go so tangential I feel my thoughts need to be tied up around a keel.But no, you ain't a writer if your thoughts don't wander aimlessly and ignite with a spark of perfectly describing rhymes and or carving a set of words that can soothen a soul.
So back to faces and life!
The faces in the crowd if you observe carefully will reveal a lot of unsaid stories and also through the day!
In the morning hours while you commute to to your destined place,a non verbal communication keeps walking around your space.may be you will see,
A smile of hope,a good start to the day!
A smile of distress, a preoccupied mind's tale!
A smile of contentment,a blessed feel it says.
A smile of love,growing in a fairy tale!
An eyes full of dreams,reflects all the screams.
An eyes filled with pain.unheard and in vain.
An eyes sinking in the fear,of the happening around
An eyes closed to the world and sleeping profound.
May be,
You will feel of the scars seen and the unseen
of the past and present walking in!
You may see the wrinkles of someone's hand,
on another one's  forehead, a stress expressive land!
when you head back to your home at the end of day,you may read another face or the faces speaking of the tale!may be a face  not willing to go back to his place,
A face speaking volumes of its pain.
A spotless face may be filled with scars of violence,heart drowning in the ocean of silence!
A welcome smile of the neighbor beside may be is holding a grudge inside!
Also an eyes staring in space is walking with her thoughts a million steps or a mile!

A tensed forehead ,a rolling tears,a narrow canthus,a wide smile or a serious pride!Whether there is an expression or none,
But there is a story to sum!
Mine is too a tale of the crowd,
Through the eyes i speak aloud.
Nobody hears what i have to say,
Nor do i hear what others say!
In this walk of life,
Remember this said line,
There is a story in the next door,
Like the one dwelling in-door!


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

First one for the year!

Ten days of this month flew without being noticed , a wave of experiences it carried.And surely my fingers were aching to roll on the keys ,like a knife  slicing out a layer of butter ,my thoughts were longing to  slice out on the qwerty to form sonnets and rhymes that amaze me at the moments and brings out a few of my narcissistic trait ,well i don't know if it is normal to love and appreciate your own work but anyway i do so irrespective of where it falls.
So,my thoughts are racing to form an artistic blend of words and i am wondering what topic should i pick up for the first poem of this year,and my tired mind and weary fingers striking by the midnight hour refuse to give me matter,i am going by without any concrete topic , a few lines to state my state of it goes!

There is silence in the sky of my dreams,
While nurtures a little one to rise from the beam.
There is emptiness in knowing what to perceive,
While mind is walking on a path that deceives!
There is spark of hope lining on the ray of despair,
While the heart is trying to build it and repair.
There is a shallow feel known to detach away,
While eyes are fetching it to make a way.
Ahead is a mystery,a journey of ' what to achieve',
The path of which is dark but not beyond reach.
On the cliff at the two ends is flaw filled me,
Looking at the other end of a lost me!
The breeze is a wind full of  of perplexed air,
With my mind wandering like a  pair.
Trying to know which direction to rise,
Like a soul figuring out where is life!
Caught in the web of oblivious reasons,
Looking at the year as a single season!
The book of the coming year is ahead,
Hope i get better and write it well!


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Dear 2018

Another chapter of 365 days,a set of blank pages to carve memories,events,experiences ,tears and smile!Before i bid a good bye to the journey of 2017,i would like to live it back in words.
Indeed my 2017 was full of ups and downs that i cannot sum up because its with everyone in every year.But the most special part of this year was the beginning,my ziyarat trip to Najaf,Kazmain,Samrrah,Karbala! Alhamdolillah Jan 2017 was the day when i went for this journey of love and lived heavenly 12 days and experienced a divine feel,a peace that i never felt before.I can't thank Almighty for all the circumstances that got created,a plan by HIM indeed to let me go.
The next few months were a stressful set of moments for the final Pg University exam preparation.But i thoroughly enjoyed being glued to books and reading all day.It gives a different kind of satisfaction.And then came June ,a tragedy filled exam which went away to reward by an unexpected result on July 28 being University Ranker.AH!
27th February and 4th October when i lost two very close and strong ladies of my family who were an icon of love and dedication.
Also more special dates of this year adds to my list 17th april and 3rd December when two of my closest friends committed to the most beautiful relation with their respective love.
6th May of this year made me aunt(Maasi)(khala) and all the cousins experienced the joy of welcoming a new member to our family.
The end few months were a turmoil professionally but all of it is eventually falling in place!

With this note of lots of learning and break downs both personally and professionally another year full of memories passes by which i cannot sum up because there have been many moments of joy and sadness.
Right from meeting new people to knowing old ones better i bid a gratitude to Almighty for granting me another fulfilling and healthy life!

2018 I welcome you with a hope to complete those incomplete mysteries of 2017.I am looking forward for new memories and challenges.
Thank you for walking in!
I ended my 2017 in prostration during namaz and welcomed 2018 in prostration thanking Allah for all the blessings.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Comfort Zone

Library again?How much do you study?
"No,i don't!" She laughed
 "Oh!...So who is he?" he teased
"My Constant"

Silence comforts her most!


Another change

What i have learned today is we need to move on.Exactly a year back i was departing from a place i have grown up in for almost 9 years,my a...