Wednesday, 10 January 2018

First one for the year!

Ten days of this month flew without being noticed , a wave of experiences it carried.And surely my fingers were aching to roll on the keys ,like a knife  slicing out a layer of butter ,my thoughts were longing to  slice out on the qwerty to form sonnets and rhymes that amaze me at the moments and brings out a few of my narcissistic trait ,well i don't know if it is normal to love and appreciate your own work but anyway i do so irrespective of where it falls.
So,my thoughts are racing to form an artistic blend of words and i am wondering what topic should i pick up for the first poem of this year,and my tired mind and weary fingers striking by the midnight hour refuse to give me matter,i am going by without any concrete topic , a few lines to state my state of it goes!

There is silence in the sky of my dreams,
While nurtures a little one to rise from the beam.
There is emptiness in knowing what to perceive,
While mind is walking on a path that deceives!
There is spark of hope lining on the ray of despair,
While the heart is trying to build it and repair.
There is a shallow feel known to detach away,
While eyes are fetching it to make a way.
Ahead is a mystery,a journey of ' what to achieve',
The path of which is dark but not beyond reach.
On the cliff at the two ends is flaw filled me,
Looking at the other end of a lost me!
The breeze is a wind full of  of perplexed air,
With my mind wandering like a  pair.
Trying to know which direction to rise,
Like a soul figuring out where is life!
Caught in the web of oblivious reasons,
Looking at the year as a single season!
The book of the coming year is ahead,
Hope i get better and write it well!


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Dear 2018

Another chapter of 365 days,a set of blank pages to carve memories,events,experiences ,tears and smile!Before i bid a good bye to the journey of 2017,i would like to live it back in words.
Indeed my 2017 was full of ups and downs that i cannot sum up because its with everyone in every year.But the most special part of this year was the beginning,my ziyarat trip to Najaf,Kazmain,Samrrah,Karbala! Alhamdolillah Jan 2017 was the day when i went for this journey of love and lived heavenly 12 days and experienced a divine feel,a peace that i never felt before.I can't thank Almighty for all the circumstances that got created,a plan by HIM indeed to let me go.
The next few months were a stressful set of moments for the final Pg University exam preparation.But i thoroughly enjoyed being glued to books and reading all day.It gives a different kind of satisfaction.And then came June ,a tragedy filled exam which went away to reward by an unexpected result on July 28 being University Ranker.AH!
27th February and 4th October when i lost two very close and strong ladies of my family who were an icon of love and dedication.
Also more special dates of this year adds to my list 17th april and 3rd December when two of my closest friends committed to the most beautiful relation with their respective love.
6th May of this year made me aunt(Maasi)(khala) and all the cousins experienced the joy of welcoming a new member to our family.
The end few months were a turmoil professionally but all of it is eventually falling in place!

With this note of lots of learning and break downs both personally and professionally another year full of memories passes by which i cannot sum up because there have been many moments of joy and sadness.
Right from meeting new people to knowing old ones better i bid a gratitude to Almighty for granting me another fulfilling and healthy life!

2018 I welcome you with a hope to complete those incomplete mysteries of 2017.I am looking forward for new memories and challenges.
Thank you for walking in!
I ended my 2017 in prostration during namaz and welcomed 2018 in prostration thanking Allah for all the blessings.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Comfort Zone

Library again?How much do you study?
"No,i don't!" She laughed
 "Oh!...So who is he?" he teased
"My Constant"

Silence comforts her most!


Fineness of life

Behind is the chaos of world,
 In front, the fineness of life!

  Nature lover rhymed her heart to gurgling waves! 



Sunday, 17 December 2017

At Sea face..

At sea face
"There at the top will be my house"..
Do you have the strength to buy?..
"Not me but my words can!" she smiled

Author goals relived

Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Roller coaster

Rolls down the roller coaster ,
Running down the life's castor
Plain and pale the sky is up,
Down the earth,is all the ruff!

It makes me smile,as i soar,
At the cliff,i stand to roar,

My thoughts turn wide to high,
I dream to rise up and fly.
But no ,what happens next,
Pulls me back in a flex!
Where's all dream and the light,
that once shined so bright!
The world is dark and shallow,
No depth and height to follow,
The dream to witness,aim to reach
Vaporizes the lessons to preach!
Where's the smile,the spark of life,
The ideas no more come to rise!
the tears then dwell in the den,
to fall across the largest fence!
In the midst of darkest hour,
Shines again a shimmering star!
Rolling up a mighty power,
the thoughts now walk too far!
Dreams begin to live again,
Ideas jump across the fence.
There is hope to smile and spark.
A will and energy to carve an arc.

With determination begins my day,
Until a pull drops me to say,
the roller coaster has caught me prey,
And again i fight back to say,
Where there is will there is way!


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Thirst

P.C:Google Images

The thirst that chases the luxuries of world,
Looses its meaning to fetch the furl.
The thirst that starves to live a worthy life,
Breathes the freshness of the might,

The thirst that greed's to be an exploit,
Falls down beneath its plight.
The Thirst that rises to stand as help,
Carves a journey of another self.

The thirst that dreams of haughty power,
Walks away from the right hour.
The thirst that wakes up to be known,
By its patience and hard work is grown.

The thirst that runs behind money,
Never halts on the journey to be happy.
The thirst that walks with the  family,
Is loved by the little or more money.

The thirst that is build to win by wrong,
Is the one that is blinded of all.
The thirst that thrives to conquer world,
Drives in self to know much more.

The thirst that dwells and lives in us,
Makes our life and defines us!
Before you walk to quench the thirst,
Know where you are heading first!

 P.S: Thirst is not just water gulping down the throat but is a mirror of a lot of aspects.Water quenches the biological thirst but human thirst is quenched on different path that people choose without giving a thought if its filled with toxicity or purified from it.Greed,Power,Lust,Position can make an individual go on an extreme journey which once walked traps the person in war of self but on the other hand the other side of thirst lives and makes life worth living.It is very important to define our thirst and quench it before it rejuvenates another for that makes us grow in a positive way.


First one for the year!

Ten days of this month flew without being noticed , a wave of experiences it carried.And surely my fingers were aching to roll on the keys ...